Be You Boo ;)

We’re only 65 days into 2019 and most people have already fallen off the wagon toward achieving whatever resolution they set for the year. :-/

I used to make New Year Resolutions, but I got tired of always falling short and getting down on myself about it. So what I’ve started to do instead is spend January reflecting over the past year and praying about what’s next in God’s plan for me.

I saw this post recently and it really resonated with me:

(Credit: Emily McDowell Studio

Last year I survived heartache, disappointment, self doubt, and grief.

2018 was a challenging year full of hills and valleys, but I’m so grateful for what I’ve learned and how much I’ve healed and grown.

For me reflection is a great tool to keep me humble, focused, and constantly appreciative of just how far I’ve come.

The first week of January I sat down and created my 2018 Praise Report. Some of the things that ended up on that report:

  • Healing, forgiveness, and restoration in my marriage
  • Strengthened relationships with family members
  • Reconnecting with old friends
  • Growth as a leader
  • New blossoming friendships
  • Amazing mentors and peers who push me to be my best
  • A reignited passion to serve in my home church

The new year doesn’t always have to be about creating a “new you.” I’ve decided that who I am is enough–I don’t need to be recreated, I just need to continue this journey of growth and evolution.

Don’t let social media and other people get you all wrapped up in all this fuss about resolutions and who you need to become–remember the strong, courageous, amazing woman you already are and give yourself a high five and a pat on the back!

For those days when you need to encourage yourself, here are a few positive affirmations I came up with for 2019:

“I am the only me there will ever be, and I’m awesome!”

“You look good girl! You better WERK!”

“I am valuable, I am worthy, I am wanted.”

“God loves me, God sees me, God has great things planned for me.”


5 thoughts on “Be You Boo ;)

  1. 30daydare says:

    This is amazing and I so happy that I met you and I am able to be encouraged by your blog. You never know how God is using someone to bless others. Thank you for being open and inspiring me. Soror Davis

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