My Passion. My Call. My Ministry.  


31:21 was birthed from my desire and calling to help women who have been hurt, abandoned, or abused. As a survivor of sexual abuse I understand the struggle and fight it takes to overcome such trauma. Through God’s healing and restoration I went from being a VICTIM to being a SURVIVOR. I want to let other women know … Continue reading 31:21

My Call to Ministry

I’ve always known that God was calling me to help others, but I had no idea that call would eventually develop into vocational ministry. After earning a degree in Social Work in 2006 from Texas Christian University, I worked as a Social Worker in Austin for 3 years. I started to sense that God wanted … Continue reading My Call to Ministry

Need prayer?

Prayer is a central part of this ministry and  we would love the opportunity to pray for you and petition God on your behalf. It doesn’t matter what your situation is…PRAYER WORKS!! Please fill out the prayer request form!